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Tips for Large Family Photos

Amie's family called me to set up a LARGE family session including their extended family, grand parents through great grandchildren. This group was a hoot, and they kept me laughing. Really, it was pleasure to work with them. Amie was very organized and made the process of coordinating 14 people quite easy. Here are a few tips when planning a large, extended family photo:

1. Be prepared. Make sure that everyone knows the time and location for the photos and arrives where they are supposed to be promptly. Waiting for Uncle Ed is going to slow everyone down.

2. Have a color scheme in mind. Amie's family opted for blue and white, which came out nicely. Two to three colors is probably a good amount (avoid too much white, please) and should compliment the individuals. I've seen nice combinations of cranberry/maroon and navy, turquoise and coral, navy and light pink...the options are endless. I would suggest avoiding very small stripes (they create an optical illusion) or white horizontal stripes (because no one should where those!)

3. Organization. Amie had a list prepared with the family members required for each photo. While I was setting up the shot, she was prepping the next group...and keeping everyone in line. It worked out great! Know which combinations of people you plan to capture ahead of time so no one gets left out.

4. Have fun! I want you to be yourselves. Later when you look back at the framed pictures in your house, I want you to remember the day fondly. I definitely don't want you to think: "That doesn't even look like so-and-so!" We even captured few fun photos too, which I decided to share. :)

Thanks, Amie + crew!

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